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...stuff & nonsense by teresa knezek
mivox - mee' voks my voice [It. der. il mio, la mia my -- L. vox voice]
proud to be blocked by discriminating corporate firewalls everywhere
A collection of my past work in print design, web design, and various styles of illustration. Like what you see? Feel free to contact me about freelance design work.
Alphabet learning fonts for preschool–early grade school children. Make your own worksheets! Features a standard block-print tracing font, a d'nealian-style tracing font and a fun outline coloring font.
Ranting & discussion … and need I say NSFW? Mostly about politics and society in general, but who knows what might pop up on the odd day here or there…
Nobody's internet presence is complete without a medical site! I've done content writing for sites about diabetes, autism and women's diseases, but always for other people. Now I finally have the chance to turn my own medical problems into an online resource!

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Things You Can't Ask Mom: Anonymous, online sex education ... come ask a question!
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